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Our director Artus Ong is a visionary architect with a passion for 3D technology. As the founder of MY3DVISION GROUP he successfully realizes his mission to bring things to life, and grow the company across the APAC region. 

People call him a 3D storyteller because of his ability to help his clients connect emotionally with their customers through  storytelling using 3D technology. By using a combination of the latest 3D technology, he allows people to feel their properties before purchasing them.

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Artus is passionate about global business outlook and enjoys designing innovative solutions to add value to lives. He understands the vital role of emotions in decision making and he is working hard to educate companies that experiential marketing is the future of property marketingHe has more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry – first as an architect; and later, by helping property developers visualize projects. In so doing, developers are able to obtain project approvals, financing, pre-leases & pre-sales at a faster rate.

He manages a young and energetic team of animators, motion graphic designers, VFX, technical programmers; committed to pre and post-production work integrating technology with constant R&D to create Pixar-quality visual effectsWhen not working, Artus enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with his loving family and anything that involve social activities.


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